Based off the price of a project, the City may issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) or tenders to the public.

When does Camrose seek tenders and RFPs?

The situations where public tender is required are dictated by the Procurement Policy.

Purchases of $5,000 or less

The City of Camrose can secure these goods and services directly, at the discretion of the department.

Purchases of Goods or Services (up to $75,000), or of Construction (up to $200,000)

Purchases require having two or more written quotations from qualified suppliers before a purchase can be made. In most cases, the City contacts these suppliers directly to obtain a quotation.

Goods and Services Purchases of greater than $75,000

Require a publicly tendered RFP. The City of Camrose posts all RFPs on the public Alberta Purchasing Connection website.

Construction Purchases above $200,000

Require a call for public tenders. The City of Camrose posts all public tenders on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website.

Working with the City of Camrose

If you are a contractor, consultant or supplier that is interested in working with the City of Camrose, we would recommend that you create an account with the Alberta Purchasing Connection which is where the City posts any public Requests for Proposals or public tenders. Once you have an account with the Alberta Purchasing Connection, you can customize your preferences so that you are notified when an opportunity arises that meets your pre-selected criteria. This means that you will not only be notified when the City posts a new opportunity, but also other opportunities within the Province which meet those criteria as well.

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