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2021 Major Construction Projects

The following roadway and utility projects are scheduled for construction this year pending final funding arrangements. They’re all part of the continuous effort to improve the transportation and utility networks of the City. Your cooperation and caution around construction areas is appreciated!


  Location Activity Cost Funding
1 46 Street (South of 48 Avenue) Roadway / Sidewalk $880,000 Grants,
Local Improvement
2 48 Avenue & 46 Street Intersection Pavement Overlay $80,000 Grants,
City Reserve
3 48 Avenue Eastbound and South Service Road (65 Street to Comp Road) Roadway Improvements $505,000 Grants,
City Reserve,
Local Improvement 
4 48 Avenue South Service Road (39 Street to HWY 26) Roadway Improvements $490,000 City Reserve,
Local Improvement 
5 Grandview Crescent Roadway / Sidewalk $460,000 Grants,
City Reserve
6 Comp Road Pavement Overlay $155,000 Grants,
City Reserve,
Local Improvement
7 52A Street (50 Avenue to 51 Avenue) Sidewalk Replacement $85,000 City Reserve,
Local Improvement
8 Mohler Subdivision Phase II Pavement Overlay $210,000 Grants,
City General
9 46 Avenue (46 Street to 47 Street) Pavement Overlay $80,000 Grants,
City Reserve 
10 Camrose East Business Park Roadway Improvements $45,000 Carried Forward  $45,000
11 68 Street & Marler Drive Traffic Signals Improvements $300,000 Grants,
City General
12 51 Avenue Water & Storm Upgrades Utility Improvements $848,000 Grants,
City Utility
13 Roof Repair - HLPS #3 Reservoirs (North & South) Utility Improvements $746,000 Grants,
City Utility 
14 Public Works Building Development $1,250,000 Grants,
City Reserve
  Total   $6,134,000   $4,207,199

NOTE: A Public Review Period was held for the following projects:

  • 46 Street (South of 48 Avenue)
  • 48 Avenue Eastbound and South Service Road (65 Street to Comp Road)
  • 48 Avenue South Service Road (39 Street to HWY 26)
  • Comp Road
  • 52A Street (50 Avenue to 51 Avenue)

In addition to those locations identified, at numerous other locations throughout the City, roadway and utility maintenance, landscaping and tree planting will be undertaken as required.

Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan

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Public Works Facility Project

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Working Together with Camrose County (ICF)

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Our Camrose

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