We are always striving to make the city a better place for our residents and our visitors. Here you will find information and updates to current projects.

2020 Major Construction Projects

There will be projects scheduled for construction this year pending final funding arrangements.

In addition to those locations that will be identified, at numerous other locations throughout the City, roadway and utility maintenance, landscaping and tree planting will be undertaken as required. A notice will be sent to area residents advising of the time and locations of each Open House as these projects are partially funded by the property owners, through a local improvement bylaw they will not proceed until completion of a public process which requires the support from the property owners.

Please check back for an updated list.

Aquatic Centre Renovation and Expansion

View information about the Aquatic Centre Renovation and Expansion.

Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan

View information about the Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan.

Working Together with Camrose County

View more information about our work with Camrose County.

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