Animal Control

If you have lost or have found a cat or dog, please call the Camrose City Pound at 780.781.0533. Please include the name of the animal, a complete description and a picture (if possible).

Animal Shelter

Visit the Camrose & Area Animal Shelter Society's Facebook page.

City Pound

The City of Camrose Dog Pound is located at 46365 Range Road 201 (Long Lane Kennels).

If you have lost or have found an animal, please call the Camrose City Pound at 780.781.0533 and include the name of the animal, a complete description and a picture (if possible).

Visit Long Lane Kennels' Facebook page.

Deer in Camrose

The City of Camrose recognizes that deer are a natural part of our area but can also be a nuisance to our residents. Although deer aren’t considered dangerous, they can act aggressively to protect themselves or their fawns, and may see people and dogs as a threat.

Visit the Deer in Camrose page for more information.

Dog Off-Leash Area

Learn more about our dog off-leash parks.

How to be a Responsible Dog Owner


It is important to be aware that all dogs will bark at some point but nuisance barking is when the dog continuously barks for long periods of time. If you have tried talking with the owner and that approach doesn't work, contact Enforcement Services to file a complaint. If the problem persists, fines may be issued against the owner.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark


If your dog does not receive enough attention while you are at home, they may bark as a way to get that attention from you. Try paying more attention to your dog, such as playing fetch, or just a good long rub down. Most of the time all your dog really wants is attention from you.


Too much energy

If you have an energetic dog, make sure you provide the exercise they desperately need. Take your dog for a long walk, this should tire them out and expel some of that built up energy. We also suggest that you do a little bit of research into what your dog was originally bred for, and some of the breeds' common traits. The more you know about your dog, the easier it will be to address your concerns.


Unfamiliar noises

Some dogs will bark at what is unfamiliar, or things that may startle them. Your dog won't be startled by unfamiliar noises if he doesn't hear them. We suggest bringing your dog inside if you are not home. This way you can reduce the unnecessary stress that may be placed on your dog and your neighbours.



If your dog is left home alone for long periods during the day, they may become lonely, and just really want some attention. While you are away try leaving things for your dog to do, such as playing with a toy. It is also a good idea to leave a radio on for your dog while you are away. This will give them the feeling that someone is home, and they are not all by themselves.

If you've tried all of these methods and it still seems that nothing works, there are still a few things you can try:

  • Use of a debarking collar. You do not have to leave these collars on permanently. Once your dog learns not to bark, remove the collar. If the dog starts barking again put the collar back on.
  • Hire a dog walker.
  • For other ideas, contact your local veterinarian, pet food store, or trainer.

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog bites can be prevented through education and responsible dog ownership.

  1. Do you know this dog? Do you know the safe way to greet a dog? Is it safe to pass by this dog? Don't know? Don't go!
  2. Go slowly around dogs. Some dogs are nervous if you walk, run or bike close by.
  3. If a dog looks mean or growls, stop and freeze! Look away. Don't talk or scream. Keep your arms and fingers tucked in. If a dog knocks you over, lie face down. Cover your neck. Wait until the dog is gone.

Poop & Scoop

Dog owners are responsible for immediate removal of any dog excrement deposited by his/her dog on any property that is not their own. Disposal of excrement must be done in a sanitary manner.

Please be a responsible dog owner and carry doggy bags with you when walking your dog!


Dog Licenses

  • Dog owners are required to license their dogs with the City of Camrose before January 31 of every year.
  • No person/household is allowed to own more than three dogs and no more than six dogs over the age of six months (unless they have obtained a Kennel License).
  • Please provide a signed certificate, letter, or receipt from a registered Vet (one time for our records) stating that the dog has been spayed or neutered (altered) in order to get a reduced fee for the license.
  • When you receive your license, you will be given a metal dog tag that your dog will have to wear at all times. There are no refunds and tags cannot be transferred to another dog.
  • View the Animal Control Bylaw for more information.

Why License?

  • If lost, your dog can be identified and returned to you if the contact information is current.
  • Owners can exercise their licensed dogs in safe and pleasant off-leash areas that the City offers.
  • Dog licenses can prevent unnecessary expenses in dog pound fees and/or fines.

Dog License Fees

  • Prior to January 31st
    Spayed/Neutered 6 months or older: $22.00
    Unaltered Dogs and Guard Dogs: $44.00
  • After January 31st
    Spayed/Neutered 6 months or older: $33.00
    Unaltered Dogs and Guard Dogs: $55.25
  • Voluntary Puppy License: $11.00
  • Other Dog License Fees
    New Dog/Resident License Fee: $11.00 (Spayed/Neutered with documentation)
    New Dog/Resident License Fee: $22.00 (Unaltered with documentation)
  • Dangerous Dogs License Fees
    Prior to January 31st: $165.50
    After January 31st: $275.75

Buying a Dog License

Please visit City Hall to purchase your 2023 Dog License. Please call 780.672.4426 if you have any questions.

Cat Licenses

We do not have a Cat Bylaw so there is no enforcement regarding cats. Therefore, we ask that cat owners are responsible and do not allow them to roam and become a nuisance.

Report a Dead Animal

Use our Report a Concern form to report a dead animal.

Submit an Animal Complaint

We are unable to take animal complaints electronically. Please contact the Camrose Police Service Complaint Line at 780.672.4444 and they will be happy to assist you.

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