Extra Waste

You can either use the landfill or you may purchase a solid waste collection tag for $5.00 per tag at City Hall, Public Works or at Community Services. 

Household Hazardous Waste

Every year the City of Camrose hosts a Household Hazardous Waste Round Up on the third Friday and Saturday in June and the first Friday and Saturday in October. This year's Fall Household Hazardous Waste Round Up is at the Recreation Centre parking lot (4512 - 53 Street) on Friday, October 1st, 2021 from 3:00pm - 7:00pm and Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 from 9:00am - 3:00pm. For special circumstances please call Greg Lewin, Municipal Engineer at 780.672.4428. 

Unused household products that contain corrosive, toxic, flammable, or reactive ingredients are considered to be household hazardous waste. These materials should not be put in the trash or poured down the drain. Instead, reduce the use of chemicals or use safer alternatives and make use of the Household Hazardous Waste Round Up for safe disposal of your household hazardous wastes.


View the landfill webpage.

Organics Collection

Acceptable items for your organics cart

  • Leaves, weeds, and grass clippings
  • Fruits, vegetables and their peelings
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Tea bags
  • Food soiled paper towel, napkins, pizza boxes
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Newspaper
  • Cold ashes (from untreated wood)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper products without a spine or staples
  • Shredded paper MUST be contained in a cardboard box or paper bag

Absolutely no plastic products please.

Collection occurs November to April on a bi-weekly schedule and May to October on a weekly schedule. View the Yard Waste Collection Schedule.

*The organics area at Centra Cam has closed. (Separated material is accepted for free at the landfill compost area. Branches and wood waste are $25/t at the landfill burn pit area.) This decision was a cost cutting measure presented to Council at the Waste Management Master Plan Workshop earlier this year. Originally, the idea was for Centra Cam to have a location to drop off organics for residents. However, once the residential organic curbside collection began in 2016, the need for this location at Centra Cam had diminished. It appears that contractors are now the main users of this area and they can take their own material to the organics area at the landfill organics for free (rather than having the tax payers pay for cleaning, loading and hauling this material to the landfill). Also, closing the organics area will result in a cost savings of $9,000/year and reduce odours for neighbouring residents and businesses.

Preparing Your Carts

Set out carts before 7:45 am to guarantee collection according to your collection calendar. For the organic and waste cart the maximum cart weight cannot exceed 50 kg.

Preparing your waste cart

  • Ensure cart lids are completely closed
  • Please do not overfill the cart
  • Keep household hazardous waste out of the cart
  • Keep carts a metre away from any obstruction


A monthly recycling fee is on each utility bill in Camrose. These funds are to operate the Recycle with Centra Cam collection depot and other recycling programs such as glass, plastic and e-waste recycling.

Recycle with Centra Cam

A wide variety of products are accepted in the 24/7 drop-off bins. Special drop offs such as paint (latex and oil), phone books, car batteries and household alkaline batteries, and fluorescent tubes (4' and 8') can be dropped off but only during staffed hours. Visit the Centra Cam website for more information. 

4402 - 51 Avenue
Camrose, AB

Facility Hours
Open 24 hours/day

  • Closed:
    • December 24 at noon until December 27 at 8:00am
    • December 31 at noon until January 2 at 8:00am

Staffed Hours
Monday to Saturday, 8:00am - 4:00pm (closed holidays)

Reducing Your Waste

When reducing your waste in the home, it's best to use alternatives to different disposables like:

  • Paper towel
  • Garbage liners
  • Wax paper
  • Disposable plates
  • Cups

You can reduce paper waste by cancelling any unwanted mail you get. When something is broken, try to repair it before buying a replacement. Using cloth diapers is another great way to reduce waste.

Water and bottles

You can drink tap water to reduce bottle waste and refill your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap containers.

Separate your items

Some recyclables can take up a lot of space in your garbage can or bag:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Tin Cans
  • Glass
  • Milk Jugs
  • Milk Cartons

If you separate the above items you can take them to the Centra Cam Recycling Depot located at 4402 - 51 Avenue for recycling. View Centra Cam's full list of what they recycle.

Bring in your refundable containers

Take your refundable containers to the local bottle depot. This will not only reduce your household waste and help the environment but you will make some extra money. Below are a list of containers that are refundable: 

  • Plastic drinking bottles from pop, water, and juice
  • Plastic Jugs, poly cups, and bottles
  • Aluminum cans from pop, juice, and energy drinks
  • Polycoated containers from juice
  • Bag in a box and juice pouches
  • Glass bottles
  • Other metal cans from tomato juice

Selective Shopping

  • Shop with reusable shopping bags made from canvas or use string bags
  • Take your own mug or thermos to the coffee shop (some shops offer a discount price when you provide your own container)
  • Avoid disposable razors, pens, pencils, and lighters
  • Choose rechargeable batteries and long-life light bulbs.
  • Buy in bulk


Collection starts at 7:45 am on your collection day and may not be completed until 7:00 pm. If you have any concerns, contact Waste Connections of Canada at 780.679.0409.

Collection day

To guarantee collection:

  • Have your carts ready for pickup by 7:45 am
  • Keep the lid closed
  • Carts should be level on the ground
  • Keep carts a metre away from any obstruction

Front street collection

Place your carts with wheels touching the curb of the street (at the mouth of your driveway touching the edge of the gutter,) with the cart facing forward, away from your home. Use the arrows on the cart to guide you.

Back lane collection

Place your carts with wheels touching the edge of the lane or in front of your driveway with the cart facing forward, away from your home. Use the arrows on the cart to guide you.

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