The City of Camrose has a brand-new water fill station, located at 3701 - 50 Street, with potable water for anyone (including neighbouring residents and businesses) to use! This station is accessible with your customer ID and PIN, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water Fill Station
Water Fill Station Map

Please note: There are three dispensing ports on this station; a 3 inch top load port, a 2 inch side load port, and a port for filling bottles. The 2 inch side load port is fitted with a 2 inch male camlock hose connection. Please ensure that you have the correctly sized female camlock coupler (with arms) to connect your hose to the dispensing port.

For loading from the 3 inch top port we recommend that customers build an ABS or PVC pipe extension piece 4 inches in diameter or greater. The length of the extension piece will vary from customer to customer depending on different tank height and vehicle set ups. As shown in the photos below, the extension pieces can be supported with threaded rod.

The City of Camrose is not responsible for the quality of water once it leaves the water filling station.

Instructions on How to Use the Water Filling Station

How to Apply

Complete the online application form here.

After you have completed the above online application form, the City will continue with your account setup and an email will be sent to you with details on your account ID and PIN.

Users can add additional funds to their accounts at any time using the online system.

Rates: $7.50/cubic meter. (Rates are charged as per the City of Camrose Annual Fees and Charges Bylaw.)

Volume Conversion (conversions for the most common tank sizes)

































Accessing Your Online Account


To access your online account, please open your web browser and go to (Do not prefix the with "www" or " https://" and do not add a ".com" or anything else to the end.)



Log in using the username and password that we have sent to you. If you need help, please contact us at 780.672.4426 or at 



Once logged in, go to the menu on the left hand side of the page, navigate down, and click on “User Mgmt” near the bottom.



Click on "My Profile" on the left hand side, and then locate the Process Payment tab to make a prepayment on your account.



Once you have a prepaid balance in your account you will be able to dispense water up to the amount that has been prepaid. Your balance can be checked in the Balance tab.



Review your transactions by clicking on "Activities" and then "Transactions




Filling Instructions

Before dispensing water, your online account needs to be set up and a prepayment must be made via a credit card.

For loading from the 3 inch top port we recommend that customers build an ABS or PVC pipe extension piece 4 inches in diameter or greater. Click here to find out more.


Locate the switches on the south side of the station and make sure that the switch for the port you want to operate is set to “OFF” before you begin.


Enter in your account ID number and PIN at the kiosk terminal (located in a panel on the south side of the station). Please note that IDs are case sensitive, therefore to change your entry to uppercase, please select the bottom left hand button.



Follow the prompts on the screen - If you make a mistake, please wait for the system to timeout and restart.



Ensure that your hose is attached to the fill pipe and receiving vessel. Press ‘Y & ENTER’ to confirm.



Enter the volume amount (in litres) and press "ENTER".



Select which port you would like to dispense from. Make sure the switch is set to "ON" to start the load.



The dispensing port will begin to fill. The fill will end when the requested volume has been dispensed. If something goes wrong during your load, flip the port switch to off to stop the water from dispensing.



Shut off your tank valve and disconnect your hose (if necessary) and replace your tank cap before leaving the station.



A receipt will automatically be emailed to the registered account email address.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the water filling station?
The water filling stations can be used by anyone (residents or businesses). Apply online here for a customer ID and PIN.
How much does it cost?
$7.50/cubic meter for all users. (Rates are charged as per the City of Camrose Annual Fees and Charges Bylaw.)
Can I pay for water at the filling station? And can I pay with a debit card?
No, the terminal only accepts existing customer IDs (use the online application here). Accounts can be topped up using your online Simcom account. Only credit cards are accepted when loading your Simcom account.
Why can’t I get any water from the station?
You probably don’t have enough money in your Simcom account. Please check your account balance and top up your account balance.
How do I load my account?
  1. Open your web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, or Edge,) go to the Simcom water website and enter the username and password that the City supplied to you.
  2. The Simcom web page may have a software update summary box – (just close it with the cross in the top right hand corner of the dialog box)
  3. Then (in the left side of the web page) go to “User Mgmt” and click on the arrow
  4. Then click on “My Profile” and three tabs will be displayed – ‘user information’ ‘balance’ and ‘process payment’
  5. Click the "BALANCE" tab – gives you the current available balance in your account in $
  6. Click "PROCESS PAYMENT" to load money into your Simcom account
  7. Using a Mastercard or VISA card (NOT a credit debit card) enter the following
    • Amount –  the dollar amount without a dollar sign $  - e.g. 100.00 for $100
    • Card number - enter the 16 digit credit card number with no spaces between the numbers
    • Expiration date (MMYY) – enter the month in numbers and the last two digits of the year e.g. August 2023 enter 0823 no spaces or brackets
    • CVD- enter the three digits on the back of your credit card then press Process

It may take up to a minute to process the payment and if approved it will provide you with a receipt for your records. If not approved, repeat the above four steps. If that fails, try a different credit card.

Remember to logout your Simcom account once complete.

Why can’t I load money onto my Simcom account? I see the account but the balance tab is blanked out.
When you’re using the Simcom website, be sure to use one of the following web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, however, Firefox works best.
Where is the water filling station?
The City has installed a brand new water fill station, located at 3701 - 50 Street. The old station located at the Public Works facility has been permanently closed.
When is the water filling station open?
The City’s water filling station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. However, should any technical difficulties arise at the water filling stations or with the Simcom software during weekends or on statutory holidays, please call Public Works at 780.672.5513.
What kind of fitting do I need to connect to the water filling station?
This station has three dispensing ports; one of the dispensing ports is fitted with 2 inch male grooved camlock hose connection, one is an overhead 3 inch load bay, and the third is for filling bottles. Please ensure that you have the correctly sized female camlock coupler (with arms) to connect your hose to the dispensing port.
What is the water pressure out of the water filling station ports?
The potable water is dispensed from the filling station with water pressure in the area of 72PSI (500Kpa). Neither the flow rate or water pressure can be reduced in the filling station.
Why does the volume of water requested at the water filling station terminal not match the volume stated on my e-mailed receipt?

The volume of water recorded on the transaction receipt sometimes varies from what was requested at the terminal due to the following:

  • To meet Alberta Environment regulations reducing the potential of water contamination to the next water filling station customer through back siphonage and to prevent the dispensing port from freezing in the winter, a small amount of water recorded in the water meter (and paid for by the customer) is drained from the kiosk pipework into a drain beneath the kiosk. This is why you may notice water ‘leaking’ from underneath the water filling station kiosk.
  • When the filling station terminal water meter reaches the desired volume of water requested it automatically closes and shuts of the water dispensed from the port. However, your hose connecting the dispensing port to your water container is still full of water and this water is ‘lost’ when you disconnect the hose from your water container and the dispensing port. So for example, a 20 foot long (6m) hose that is 2 inches (50mm) in diameter holds 2.6 imperial gallons (11.8 litres) when full and this ‘lost’ water costs 8 cents at 2021 prices.
Why doesn’t the email receipt tell you what balance you have left in your account?
You need to regularly review your current balance of your account in your individual Simcom Water Management System account. Similar to a receipt you receive after purchasing something from a store, you don’t see how much money is left in your account.
Can I cancel my water filling station account? If so, how do I get any outstanding balance back?
Yes, the City can terminate your Simcom account and provide a refund on the outstanding account balance. However the refund cheque may take up to two weeks to receive the money to allow for administration processing and postage.
What is the quality of water dispensed at the water filling stations? What is the pH and hardness of the City’s water?
Potable water dispensed is the same water that is used by Camrose residents. This treated water meets and exceeds the Drinking Water Regulation requirements. In addition, to prevent possible cross contamination from other sources each filling station is fitted with a double check valve.
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