2024 Budget

The City of Camrose budget process is based upon long-term financial planning in combination with short-term operational requirements while considering the needs of the Community and Council’s Strategic Plan. The current 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan was based upon input from citizens through a Citizen Input Survey completed in February 2022.


2024 Budget Highlights

 2024 Original2024 Amendment
Property Taxes +5% +5%
User Fees +5% +5%
Water Rates +5% +5%
Wastewater Rates +5% +10%
Recycling No change No change
Solid Waste No change No change
Franchise Fee - Natural Gas No change No change
Franchise Fee - Electricity 16% to 17% 16% to 17%


  • There will be an increase of wastewater rates by 10% instead of the 5% originally budgeted. For the average homeowner, this means their annual wastewater fees will increase by approximately $30 or about $2.50 per month. Businesses and industries that utilize larger amounts of water will be impacted more by this change.
    • The wastewater system includes all of the underground pipes throughout the city, some pumping stations to move wastewater where necessary, and the treatment of the wastewater with the new $50 million treatment plant and the existing lagoons. The underground pipes are getting to the stage whereby significant efforts are needed to either replace or repair them. The estimated costs for this replacement / maintenance are significant and preliminary estimates indicate an average annual spending of about $2 million per year going forward will be necessary. At the current wastewater rates, the City does not have the funds available to replace or repair the underground wastewater infrastructure. In order to be able to fund the $2 million per year for replacement / maintenance, wastewater rates would need to be increased by 50% from today’s current rates. While the 10% increase does not meet the required level of funding, it does start to bridge the gap that exists as the City look towards the 2025/2026 budget and the asset condition assessments to help prepare a long-term funding proposal for the wastewater utility.
  • Based upon the changes in the above table, the average homeowner will see an increase of annual costs related to municipal property taxes, franchise fees (electricity and natural gas) and utilities (water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling) from $5,555 to $5,805. This is equal to $250 or about 4.5% from 2023.

Capital Plan Changes

  • Delay of Marler Drive Phase II reconstruction (water, wastewater, storm, road, sidewalk) from 2024 until 2025 subject to the outcome of a local improvement bylaw in April of 2024.
  • Addition to the 2024 budget of numerous required road and underground construction projects that would have been completed in 2025 due to the Marler Drive Phase II delay.
  • Fleet increase for a skidsteer at new Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Increase in estimated total costs for the Hwy 833 Bridge Repair from $450,000 to $650,000 to be completed in 2024.

Current and historic budget and financial documents are available below. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact us at 780.672.4426 or at financialservices@camrose.ca. 

Operating Budget

Operating budgets cover the City's day-to-day operations. Some examples would be snow removal, parks, libraries, and building maintenance.

Capital Budget

Capital budgets cover larger assets and municipal projects. Some examples would be a new building roof, road repairs, replacement vehicles and computer equipment.

Audited Financial Statements

Below you will find the last audited financial statements available to the public. Included is the previous year's budget and the budget for the current year. Contact us if you would like a copy of previous reports.


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