Valleyview Cemetery, at 4205 - 53 Street in Camrose, provides a special place to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. Cemetery staff work hard to provide highly sensitive care and understanding of your needs.

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Interments and Plot Maintenance

Care and maintenance for each site is included in the fees of a cemetery plot. This includes seeding and re-seeding of plots and plot surfaces, seasonal cutting of grass and weeds, snow removal and other maintenance to ensure a tidy and well-kept appearance.


A columbarium for cremated remains is also available in addition to plots. The columbarium is an above-ground structure with niches that can receive up to two cremated remains adorned with a family memorial.


Rules and Regulations

  • Vehicle traffic is restricted to roadways only. The speed limit is 20km/h.
  • Flowers and similar decorations must be placed in an approved container. Grave decorations must not include lawn ornaments or any glass or china items.
  • Flowers and potted plants are not to be placed on the turf area of graves between May 1 and October 1, except for a period following Decoration Day or an interment.
  • Ash interments are permitted only after traditional interments have occurred or when no traditional interments will occur. No ash interments are permitted under the continuous monument foundation.
  • Plots are only for the burial of human remains.
  • Monuments, or monument foundations, are not to be erected in the cemetery unless an application for a permit has been submitted and approved by the Parks Manager.
  • Monuments are placed in the cemetery at the owner's risk and the City of Camrose assumes no responsibility for damage or loss due to vandalism, etc. All risk coverage (theft, vandalism, malicious damage and other extended coverage) may be available through an Insurance Agent.
  • No fence, railing, coping, earth-mound, plantings or any type or memorial shall be placed on any burial plot except for a monument placed in accordance with the provisions of the bylaw.
  • All patrons must keep pets under control and clean up after them at all times, in accordance with any other applicable City of Camrose Bylaws and/or legislation.

The Cemetery Bylaw lists complete information on rules and regulations regarding the cemetery.

Decoration Day

Decoration Day is held annually on the third Sunday of August. This is a special day to pay tribute to those in our cemetery. Community Services Department staff will be available on this day to answer questions or give assistance finding grave locations.

Please Remember

The cemetery is a sacred place. Quiet and reverence must be observed by everyone, and the cemetery staff reserves the right to refuse admission at any time.

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